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Double Bed Automatic Electric Blanket

A Winter Care Automatic Electric Heating Blanket is loaded with a number of desirable features like multiple temperature settings, automatic shut off, safety watch and different colors. Not only this, what makes these electric heating blanket more special is the fact that they are very easy to maintain and can be washed in the machine. Buyers also get a Digital temperature control unit for maximum possible heat personalisation to ensure maximum comfort. The available size is 72"X60"

• Adjustable timed switch off for convenience
• Extra soft fabric used to ensure the ultimate comfort
• Pre-warms bed, drives out dampness with even distribution of heat
• Sleep better in a cool room with warmth from your bed warmer
• Most convenient and economical way of keeping a person warm
• Warms the entire bed
• Made in India with a one year guarantee and an additional two year warranty
• Can also be used as a throw blanket
• Quiet operation
• LED indicator in the control window lights up when the blanket is on
• Padded, well-insulated element, so that it doesn’t disturb you while lying down on it
• Machine washable & no shrinkage or change in appearance after washing

Product Name & Code    Size
Electric Blanket - Orange    72"x60"

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