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Winter Care Mirror Defogger
. 1. Simple to apply                                                                                                              
 2. Economical Cost
3. Completely Safe
4. Maintenance Free

Winter Care Mirror Defogger transmit gentle warmth across the mirror's surface, preventing the steam's moisture from collecting on the colder mirror surface while you bathe or shower
A-One Winter Care Mirror Defogger is an extra little luxury perk and free from maintenance.
The hot steam of a shower is the ideal element for the perfect shave and also aids in removing make up . .The luxurious look of the mirror set flush with the tile will definitely add to the sense of style you are trying to achieve in a bath design.
With a fogless mirror as part of the home, you will no longer have to wipe mirrors after warm showers and leave streaks on them

Installing anti-fog bathroom mirror systems is a simple a touch of comfort to any home and it is a very thin film approx. 35/8”  (0.4 to 0.5 mm) electric heating pad that is mounted behind your bathroom mirror to prevent it from fogging up.
. Self-adhesive backing allows easy application to any wall-hung mirror in just minutes. With the Winter Care system installed in your bathroom, your mirrors won't become an inconvenience as the room steams up.
A-One Winter Care Mirror Defogger come ready and easy  to install in several shapes and sizes to fit most mirror types. Pre-attached power leads conveniently connect to your bathroom's 120VAC /230VAC. lighting fixture direct
. Anti-fog bathroom mirrors draw only a minimal amount of energy, costing very little to operate.
Recommendation- Mirror defogging systems are not suitable for installation in the shower area..
Sizes can be fabricated from 1 square foot to 40 square feet.
Ready stock sizes available  300 x 400 mm, 300x 450 mm, 450 x 600 mm, 600 x 900 mm, 600 x 600 mm

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