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Heat Tracer

Heat Tracer

Heat Trace Cable /Heat Tracer /Heat trace tape

Pipeline heating carrying high or low temperature liquids or gases.
Viscosity control, or temperature maintenance.
The roof and gutter de-icing.
Under floor heating.
Heat Tracers are the apt solution to maintain product temperature inside tank , pipeline or equipment .
Heat Tracer keeps viscous fluids in flow state avoiding chocking of the pipelines.
Winter Care Heat Tracer finds freeze protection in commercial and industrial segments.
. Constant Wattage Heat Cable
 is a heating cable that has the same wattage per lineal foot (power output), throughout its entire length. Since this wattage cable is generally not affected by varying ambient or pipe content temperatures, it provides a constant heat output. So, this type of heating cable is preferred for homeowners who want to ensure that environmental conditions will not affect their heating output.
Available sizes are 3.5 mt to 25 mt. one side connection
Self Regulating Heating Cable

Self-regulating heating cables increase power as temperatures fall and decreases as temperatures rise. Winter Care  manufactures a variety of self-regulating heating cables to meet the demands specific to each application.

Excellent for metallic or non-metallic piping and tanks, self-regulating heating cables allow for ease of design and installation with applications ranging from freeze protection to temperature maintenance to foundation heating.
As the temperature rises, the core or fibre expands microscopically. This expansion increases electrical resistance, and the number of electrical paths decreases. As a result, the heating cable automatically begins to reduce its power output.
Self-regulating heating cables (also referred to as self-limiting heating cables) have become the most common form of electric heat tracing cable used in the world today. Heat Trace Limited are the only heat tracing manufacturer  producing self-regulating heating cables and one of only a few worldwide.
Self Regulating Heating Cable
is now considered to be the leader in heating cable polymer technology, with a range of self-regulating heaters that are technically superior to other products currently available.

These cables can be used for a wide variety of applications including freeze protection of pipework and vessels; process temperature maintenance; heating of roads, ramps, walkways, etc; roof and gutter heating and under floor heating. See Applications page for more detailed information, or check out our range of self-regulating heating cables.

Self-Regulating Heat Cable
 has a special conductive core between the two bus wires. This core becomes more conductive during cold ambient conditions; therefore the heating cable will decrease its wattage per lineal foot, in response to the cold. This feature makes it ideal for the freeze protection of exposed pipes in the winter. This type of cable will also decrease its power output (watts per lineal ft.), in warmer conditions, when the higher temperature will make the special core less conductive. Although its called "self-regulating," this cable heater will NOT turn itself completely on or off. So, we do recommend that a controller or thermostat of some sort to be used with this type of heating wire.
This is heat resistant and high temperature PTFE coated material is suitable on hose tube, pipeline carrying high or low temperature liquids or cold season and locations, the oil exploitation, oil pipelines, chemical refining, etc.
Uses for viscosity control, or temperature maintenance.
The complexity of this pipe heat trace system comes from the need for long electrical circuit lengths, usually with a single electrical power point .Tank farms, piers for ocean transport vessels, and pipes between petrochemical facilities are all id When the winter coming, or some areas have long cold season, people should have comfortable and warmth room to live.
Under floor heating systems provide floor warming on tile, engineered wood or laminate floors in places like kitchens, entrance halls, living rooms, and comfort to any room. Which is installed close to the floor surface to provide heat quickly. The thermostat or controller turns the system on when needed to give you uniform heat with no hot spots. A smart floor heating solution for every need will heat the floor evenly until the desired temperature is reached.
In winter have a cold ambient temperature, Roof and gutters can be severely damaged by ice build up. Ice dams and icicles form when the accumulated snow on a roof melts, and refreezes at the eaves and valleys during the evening. As the cycle continues and the ice dam continues to grow, it prevents the melted water from properly draining off of the roof. Eventually, icicles begin to form, potentially creating both structural damage and safety issues. The roof and gutter de-icing system maintain a continuous path for roof snow melt to drain from the roof through the gutter and downspout.
In winter, when the accumulated snow on walkways, parking garage / loading ramps, stairways and other areas, it will bring problem to people’s life. Electric snow melting systems can keep walkways, parking garage / loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice to help prevent slip hazards. Electric snow melting systems provide surface snow melting and anti-icing for concrete surfaces and pavers. These systems keep walkways, parking garages, loading ramps, stairways and other areas free of snow and ice to help prevent slip hazards.
To compensate for heat losses and to maintain a minimum temperature (i.e. to prevent freezing), an electric heat tracing system can be used.
Winter Care heat tracing cables are easily installed and controlled. The choice of cable and controls is dependent on the type of pipe being used. Heat tracing cables may be installed continuously on water and sewer lines, or only at specific locations which are susceptible to freezing such as road crossings, fire hydrants, shallow bury locations, etc.
Both available in standard lengths.


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